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What Kind Of Urine Bag?
Nov 19, 2018

Nowadays, there are common type and precision type commonly used in hospitals. The common type is a disposable urine bag commonly used in hospitals. The capacity is generally 1000ml. The packaging is simple. It should be changed every day. The price of the hospital is generally ten or twenty. This family should be useful during your stay and you should be familiar. The precision urine bag is generally used for patients who are seriously ill and must record the urine volume strictly and accurately. The replacement time can not exceed one week at most. This is relatively expensive, generally more than seventy or eighty yuan, and the capacity is about 3000ml. Both can be connected to different ureters. However, you must know that no matter what size of the urine bag must be sterile! Because the patient who receives the urine bag is prone to infection, if not the bacteria in the regular contaminated urine bag will flow back to the body, so that the infection Aggravated. As for the purchase method, if you choose the network, you must look carefully and have to be guaranteed.

There is also a medical equipment store that has a formal business license in the local area, or to the hospital. Today's hospitals generally have medical materials for sale. Some hospitals are called self-funded pharmacies. You can consult with people in the hospital according to your situation. They will help you choose according to the situation. The latter two purchase methods should be reliable. After all, they are supplied by regular manufacturers that have been tested by the state. There is also a need to pay attention to the use of urine bags, be sure to keep the urine bag in the position below the patient's indwelling urethral fistula, so as to avoid infection caused by urine reflux, the urine bag should be fixed, so as not to pull the catheter when turning over Causes prolapse and so on. The urinary catheter should be regularly replaced in the hospital according to the doctor's request, and the nursing should be done without pollution. If the family can live on their own activities, they can use their own ordinary things. If they are serious or temporarily unable to take care of themselves, but some people can care, ordinary type can also be used.

If you need accurate and timely observation of urine volume, you should choose a precision urine bag for the simple reason, because its scale is much more accurate than ordinary urine bags. Having said that, I suggest that you should go to the hospital where you have been treated, because only the doctors and nurses there know the situation of your family, make the right choice according to their suggestions, and ask them to leave the hospital. The precautions for care, this is the responsibility of the medical staff, and it is also necessary for you to ask for the future life of your family.

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