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How To Choose The Waist Side Urine Bag?
Nov 19, 2018

After the operation of the patients with total cystectomy, there will be a urinary tract in the lower abdomen for urination, and the collection of urine depends on the waist side urine bag. The current waist pack is divided into paste and non-stick.

Urinary ostomy users should choose the right product from the following aspects.

1. Leakproof effect. Products that leak urine must not be bought, and they can't be used cheaply. Leaking urine not only seriously affects the daily activities of patients, but also brings sputum and burden to patients, so every urinary ostomy user chooses the waist side urine bag products. Do not leak urine as the first element.

2. Replacement is simple. Most patients with urinary ostomy are slightly older. If the replacement product is very troublesome, it is often impossible for one person to operate and needs family help, which adds burden to the family. It is also necessary to choose a waist-side urine bag that is easy to replace and easy to operate.

3. The cost cannot be too high. Urinary ostomy users need to wear lumbar urine bags for a long time. If the cost is too high, long-term use will bring a relatively large family burden to the family.

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