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How Often Does The Urine Bag Change?
Nov 19, 2018

There is currently no uniform standard for urine bag replacement time.

There is still disagreement on the interval between urine bag replacements. According to some sources, 40% of acquired infections in hospitals are urinary tract infections, and more than 70% are related to the use of urinary catheters. Within 3 to 21 days of urethral indwelling, the incidence of bacteriuria in patients increases by 5%. Due to the condition of the disease, sometimes it is impossible to leave the catheter.

The effect of seasons on changing urine bags This experiment lasted for two years. No effect of seasonal factors on bacteriuria was observed. Even in the hot summer, there was no adverse effect on patients. Therefore, we think that changing urine bags once a week Not affected by the seasons. However, if the urine of the patient is found to have abnormal phenomena such as flocculation, the urine bag should be replaced in time to ensure that the drainage is smooth, and the urine is taken for bacterial culture.

The incidence of bacteriuria in the daily change bag group was significantly higher than that in the non-changing bag group within 3 days. Strict implementation of closed drainage was the best method, which delayed the occurrence of bacteriuria and destroyed the airtightness, which may cause infection. After the trauma, the body's immunity is reduced, and the continuous opening of the closed system increases the chance of infection. There is no need to change the urine bag within 3 days of catheterization.

The 10-day comparison results in an increase in the incidence of bacteriuria in the urine bag group, so the indwelling catheter should be replaced once a week. When taking a urine specimen, the urine should be taken out in a closed state. It is strictly forbidden to open the closed system unnecessarily and increase the chance of infection

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