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What are the differences between urine collection bags and drainage bags?
Nov 19, 2018

The drainage bag is used for external catheterization before and after the doctor's surgery, and some patients with urinary system can not normally urinate, need to be placed into the catheter, and an external drainage bag is used for urination. The same is true for patients in other departments. After the operation, the patient is inconvenient to move. It is necessary to insert a catheter and an external drainage bag. The patient does not need to get out of bed frequently. At the same time, the nurse needs to record the urine discharge regularly, and the drainage bag has a scale. The amount of urine output can be measured regularly for nurses to record. In addition to draining urine, the drainage bag can also be used to collect residual blood pressure from the wound drainage tube.

The urine collection bag is also called a urine collecting device, a waist side urine bag or a urinary tract pocket. For the user of the bladder urinary ostomy, it is an auxiliary medical device product for collecting urine in vitro, belonging to home care. Use medical devices. After the cystectomy, the urethra is diverted, and the ostomy at the waist of the patient is to create a "nipple" on the surface of the human body, which is the stoma. The urine collecting bag is connected with the stoma and collects urine in vitro. This product is disposable and can be used repeatedly.

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