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Urine bag operation instructions
Nov 19, 2018

The use of the kit is very convenient for the tester, with products for one week of use, and the suit has a considerable discount.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, especially regarding the part of the cutting hose. Some users will cut the tube inconsistency and cause unnecessary waste. If you don't want to buy a suit, you can also purchase the interior kit separately. The kit includes: a UROX cup with a hose, leggings, a 250ml wash potion, and two fixed shorts. When you need to replace some of the original accessories, you can use the economical equipment, including 1 cup, 5 leggings, and a bottle of cleaning potion.

1. Wear fixed pants, cups, leggings, etc. The leggings are tied to the left leg and the top is placed on the inside of the leg

2. The tube should be placed outside the zipper of the trousers.

3. Insert the tube into the nozzle at the top of the leggings and cut it to the appropriate length. A few centimeters of length can be reserved before cutting to prevent the tube from being pulled out of the nozzle when striding.

Press the tube into the nozzle and press it in as far as possible. If you can't press it, try using a little water to make the lubricant. Check that the faucet at the bottom of the leggings is tight.

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