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How to pour urine when the disposable urine bag is full
Nov 19, 2018

The urine collection bag is generally used for patients with urinary incontinence, or the urine of the patient is collected clinically. In the hospital, there is usually a nurse to help wear or replace, then how should the disposable urine collection bag be inverted if it is full? How should the urine bag be used?

First of all, we must first understand the relevant situation of the collection of urine bags. The collection of urine bags is not the same as the collection of urine bags. In general, urine collection bags are mostly used for patients undergoing "stomach" surgery. Such patients may be rectum. In patients with cancer or bladder cancer, the lesion will be removed from the patient's side abdomen. During the recovery process, the urine will be unconsciously discharged from the opening, so the urine collection bag is needed.

As for the urine bag, it may be that some patients are inconvenient to go to the toilet, or they are simply incontinent, and the two urine bag connections are different.

At present, there are many urine collection bags on the market, such as ordinary urine collection bags, anti-reflux urine bags, mother-in-law urine collectors and waist side urine bags. The most commonly used urine collection bags are currently used.

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