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Disposable syringes are classified for processing
Nov 19, 2018

Disposable syringes can be classified into three categories: serious pollution, general pollution and basic pollution-free according to their use. For disposable syringes with different pollution levels, their treatment methods are also different, so how to classify them?

1. Seriously contaminated disposable syringes: those used in direct contact with the patient's body fluids, such as blood, pleural effusion, ascites, etc., because the patient's body fluids are a potential source of infection.

2. General contaminated disposable syringes: that is, only the needle part is the syringe contacted with patients, such as conventional injection and infusion, usually hanging anti-inflammatory water and other syringes used.

3. Basically non-polluting disposable syringes: non-direct contact with patients is basically non-polluting disposable syringes, such as syringes used when adding drugs, of course, to exclude improper operation and contamination.

This is the classification of disposable syringes. If we want to deal with it, we should deal with it according to such a classification method. Different pollution levels should have different treatment methods.

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