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Difference between self-destructive syringe and safety syringe
Nov 19, 2018

The concepts of “self-destructive” and “safe” are quite different. “Self-destructive” means that the device is destroyed or locked after use to avoid repeated use of the device on the patient; “safety” means that the sharp part of the instrument can be effectively protected (locked) after use to avoid accidents. The difference in design ideas and structure between the injured medical staff mainly comes from the difference in their protection objects.

Due to the gradual improvement of the clinical medicine level, there is a natural development relationship between “self-destructive” and “safe”. From the perspective of patents, most of the 1980s were self-destructive designs; after entering the 1990s, security-type patents dominated. Especially after entering this century, since the beginning of the United States, legislation must use "safe" syringes. Since then, the world's major medical device companies have invested a large amount of money in all aspects of safety equipment research and development work, such as safety needles, safe infusion needles Safe blood collection needles, safety scalpels, safety puncture needles, safety indwelling needles, etc., from individual to comprehensive, from simple to complex, from simply prohibiting repeated use to all personnel who are at the same time focusing on protection and device contact (patients, Users, recycling handlers, etc.), this is also an inevitable trend and result of development.

According to the definition of safe injection by the World Health Organization:

1. It is harmless to those who receive the injection.

2. Does not pose any danger to health care personnel.

3. Waste generated by injection does not pose a hazard to society.

It can be seen that the self-destructive design mainly considers the technical means to achieve the first goal. However, according to the experience of developed countries and the difficulty of promoting self-destructive syringes in developing countries, only technical means can not solve patient safety problems. It is necessary to rely on legislation and strict law enforcement to completely eliminate the insecurities of recipients. Perfect legislation and strict supervision will inevitably form the internal needs of medical institutions to protect the safety of medical personnel, in order to promote technological progress. It must be a trend to focus on security. At the same time, the emphasis on environmental protection will inevitably lead to the emergence of a huge new industry such as centralized collection and centralized burning of medical waste.

Therefore, regardless of the "self-destructive" or "safe" syringe, its existence in the world, is completely human understanding is constantly improving.

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