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Development of syringes
Nov 19, 2018

It is not unusual for modern people to get sick and go to the hospital for injections and water. However, do you know how the syringe used in the injection was invented? Why is it so light and safe? This seemingly inconspicuous invention actually has a long history.

As early as the 1760s, there was a monograph on intravenous infusion in Germany. During this period, in order to save lives, a few doctors used animal bladders to make intravenous injection tools, and hollow branches were inserted into the body for blood transfusion, but caused many fatal complications. This technology was subsequently extinct due to the ban on the Paris parliament. By the beginning of the 19th century, pharmaceutical technology had developed rapidly, and doctors began to try further. The syringe came into being, and the needle was invented by the Irish doctor Francis Ryan. But the true combination of syringes and needles was achieved by the joint efforts of the Scottish doctor Alexander Wood and the French Charles Prasús in 1853, which became the originator of modern syringes. Subsequently, Alexander improved the syringe: the scale was added to the needle and the needle was finer. This improvement has made syringes widely used, bringing a leap in medical history.

In the 1950s, the development of syringes ushered in another spring. The rapid development of the plastics industry has injected new elements into the production of syringes. In 1956, New Zealand doctor Colin Murdoch invented a disposable plastic syringe, which not only adheres to the advantages of transparency and inertness of traditional glass syringes, but also features such that it is not easily damaged, easy to transport, low in cost, easy to recycle, etc. The syringe is far behind. Since then, the new syringes have begun to be mass-produced and have become the first choice for doctors.

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